Viceroy Lingerie

Meet The Team

We are a small yet dedicated team of people with diverse backgrounds united by our love for lingerie and more recently our dog Otto.

We enjoy coming to work and can seriously talk about bras for days on end!




Anna is the owner, Yoda to all Brafessors and general wrangler of chaos.

With almost 15 years of experience in the lingerie industry, her expertise and knowledge are only equaled by her commitment to her customers’ success.

A lover of gardening, bras and vodka, this Russian powerhouse leads her team by example.




Serra is our Sales Manager. A fashion designer by trade with years of experience in fashion retail Serra was hired for her collaborative approach to sales, commitment to performance excellence and natural talent of forming warm relationships with people.

On the go thinker and efficient problem solver Serra also gets us with her sense of humour, we’ve never met anyone who can laugh at themselves as much as Serra does!



Customer Service


Georgina is our customer service guru. Was hired for her exceptional communication skills and contagious positivity she projects into the world no matter what, the only exception we know being peak hour traffic…

Apart from customer service Georgie loves order and highlighters. If there is no order, she will highlight it to you!






As a small team, we love employing multitaskers and fast learners, Riya has recently joined to assist our growing business precisely in this capacity.

From order entry to website updates to communication with customers and suppliers – Riya has been supporting each member of our team in every way she can, always with a smile.






Otto is our labradoodle puppy (“office dog” in training) who loves… well… everything! Especially Serra’s recycle bin. And slippers…