Viceroy Lingerie

Meet The Team

We are a small yet dedicated team of people with diverse backgrounds united by our love for lingerie and more recently our dog Otto.

We enjoy coming to work and can seriously talk about bras for days on end!




Anna is the owner, Yoda to all Brafessors and general wrangler of chaos.

With over 15 years of experience in the lingerie industry, her expertise and knowledge are only equaled by her commitment to her customers’ success.

A lover of gardening, bras and vodka, this Russian powerhouse leads her team by example.




Serra is our Sales Manager. A fashion designer by trade with years of experience in fashion retail Serra was hired for her collaborative approach to sales, commitment to performance excellence and natural talent of forming warm relationships with people.

On the go thinker and efficient problem solver Serra also gets us with her sense of humour, we’ve never met anyone who can laugh at themselves as much as Serra does!


Warehouse Assistant


We are thrilled to welcome Shauni to our team. She brings a serene demeanor and a proactive, can-do attitude that we love. In addition to her role here, she’s a talented freelance photographer. A fun fact about Shauni: originally from the Netherlands, she’s adapted her Dutch directness to the subtleties of English, learning the friendly nuances of phrases like “would you like” instead of “do you want”. Her experience resonates well with our diverse, multilingual team 🙂


Warehouse Manager


Julia is our warehouse wizard.

You can find Julia packing shipments, befriending our delivery partners, and being an all-around expert at anything and everything order related.

Other than that, she is praised for her ability to pull off a casual, comfortable style while packing in the warehouse… only to subsequently let her hair down, smack on a red lippy, and make our jaws drop! 


office administrator


Iryna is our customer service and office administration guru! She ensures tip-top cohesion across the various areas of our expanding business. With a background in logistics, her uncanny attention to detail keeps us all on our toes.

A native of Ukraine, Iryna is highly motivated and passionate about learning. Her warm personality, efficiency, and reliability make Iryna an invaluable team member.


Office dog


Anna’s dog, Otto the labradoodle, practically grew up at the office. The only male in our female-oriented business, he is accustomed to being spoilt beyond imagination. On his “office days,” Otto likes to zoom around the warehouse, skilfully navigating multiple boxes, checking out recycle bins, and receiving treats and six-hand massages from the team. Win-win, right?