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About Maison Lejaby

Viceroy Lingerie is the Australian distributor of Maison Lejaby, an iconic French brand with a long history of innovation in lingerie design.

Founded in the 1930s the brand’s history reflects evolution of womens’ minds that subsequently brought fundamental changes in their rights.

From creation of feminine and sexy bras in the 1950s (when lingerie was functional but not attractive) to offering brightly colored bras in the 1970s to support women’s liberation movement, today Maison Lejaby is still true to its mission of relevance and feminine power.

Maison Lejaby is what is often referred to as a  “lifestyle brand” – along with lingerie it offers nice complimentary collections in sports (Lejaby Inspire), sleep and lounge wear.


Bra Size Range: Back size 8-20, Cup size A-H
Country of Origin: France
Retail Price: From $90 for a bra

What We Love About Maison Lejaby

We love the creative flare of Maison Lejaby, it’s very French skill of combining the opposites in a harmonious way.

The collections feel spontaneous yet organised, romantic and sexy yet totally practical for everyday wear. It certainly never gets boring!

We like the youthful vibe of the brand, a sense of endless possibility projected in its campaigns.

Best Sellers

Being very fashion focused brand, Maison Lejaby doesn’t stick to the same style for too long… yet there are exceptions.

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