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About Prima Donna

Viceroy Lingerie is the Australian agent for Prima Donna – a Belgian luxury lingerie brand designed for women with curves.

One of the oldest lingerie brands in the world, Prima Donna has been celebrating women since 1865!

Sold in over 4000 stores worldwide, a winner of multiple product and service awards, the Prima Donna brand is often referred to as “The queen of fit” and the name speaks for itself.

Providing the most comfortable and supportive fit, Prima Donna offers women of all ages an exciting variety of styles in lingerie, swimwear and sportswear categories.

From classy and elegant designs of Prima Donna to bold and playful styles of Prima Donna Twist, the lingerie collections of the brand reflect the latest fashion trends while maintaining an uncompromising quality of each product.


Discover the very popular and stunning Las Salinas family from Prima Donna Autumn-Winter’23 below. Or explore the digital catalogue of the Prima Donna Spring-Summer’24 collection HERE!


Bra Size Range: Back size 8-28, Cup size B-M
Country of Origin: Belgium
Retail Price: Premium - from $140 for a bra

What We Love About Prima Donna

After more than 150 years of constant refining and perfecting it comes as no surprise that Prima Donna holds arguably the highest consumer loyalty score in the industry.

The most common reaction we hear is “I don’t feel like I am wearing a bra!”. For many women with fuller bust this feeling of weightless support is entirely new. Having experienced the difference, most tend to stick with the label and continue buying Prima Donna despite the premium price. The value in this brand is outstanding.

We love that Prima Donna doesn’t assume compromise. You can have superb comfort, stylish look and flattering shape all in one bra.

Prima Donna certainly wins our votes for its unparalleled craftmanship. Having witnessed the process of creation of the Prima Donna product from start to finish we are amazed at the level of attention to detail at every stage. We invite you to watch The Heritage movie (above) for a little glimpse into the magic of bra making. This meticulous process results in high quality investment pieces that with good care will by far outlast most other brands.

Having closely worked with the Van de Velde company (owner of Prima Donna, Marie Jo and Andres Sarda brands) for many years, we can confidently say the quality of the product reflects the quality of people behind these labels. Driven and focused yet warm and personable, this bunch of dedicated professionals and unspoken mentors holds a very special place in out hearts.

Best Sellers

Prima Donna has a large collection of ongoing bestsellers. Some of them are featured below.

And we just had to share this lovely video from Dominique, a bra fitter from Brava Lingerie and a fan of the best selling Madison bra by Prima Donna. We think she is gorgeous!

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